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Our April trip to California...

My dear Grandpa Ben. He got to meet his first great-grandchild, and he sure loves her.

I helped plant my grandpa's garden

Racing scooters on the mountain

Zyra, my grandpa's nurse and caretaker.

We went to the Children's Museum with my Aunt Laura and cousin Derek..

Making corn husk people

We  along the coast one day...

We stayed in my uncle and aunt's condo in Capitola a few days.

Here we are at Mr. Toots Coffee House. Amanda needed to practice piano for Ryan and Rachel's wedding, so she played there for a couple hours.

My cousin Derek stayed with us.

A very decorated car

Amanda, my cousin Danielle, and my aunt Laura had their fingers reworked.

Playing in the toy store

Derek being an artist

Picking my grandpa Ben's lemons

The Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco


Watching sea lions

On the way home. Amity decided to give the flight attendants some help.

It was a blessed trip. We got to spend some happy times with the relatives and with each other.

The blessing of the Lord it maketh rich and He addeth no sorrow with it.

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