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Shiloh Leif Bendixen!

Our new baby boy! Born August 29, 2001 at 7:09pm.
Weight: 8 lbs. Length: 22 1/2 inches.

It was a home birth, and all went very smoothly. Praise the Lord, Amanda and Shiloh did excellent.

About the name Shiloh:
First of all, it was a prophetic term used once in the Old Testament for Jesus. So, for my son, may he be an example of Jesus and His ways.
Second, it was the city where God's tabernacle was built. It was the place where God chose to live on earth, and people from all over would come to the city called "Shiloh" to seek and worship the Lord. May God live in my Shiloh; and may others come to meet God through him.

About the name Leif:
We pronounce it "life." He's named after my grandpa Bendixen. May Shiloh be filled with LIFE!

Momma Biddinger and the girls came.


Amity sure loves her new baby brother. She likes to hold him and give him kisses.

"Two little kiddos, asleep in the hay, snoring all their cares away!"

James and Mary Ellen Johnson came over

"I think he likes me!"


We went to the Auburn Hills Bluegrass Festival. Shiloh was 12 days old. It was great.

Toe-tapping Bluegrass

Cats and the Fiddler, twin brothers and their cousin, all 16 years old. They've been playing together 10 years now, and they're really good.

At the park

Ben and Leah Joseph's wedding...

What a joy!

Here was Mr. Joseph's message...

At creation God said...
Day 1 "It was good."
Day 2 "It was good."
Day 3 "It was good."
Day 4 "It was good."
Day 5 "It was good."
Halfway through Day 6 "It is not good ... that a man should be alone"
    So God made woman and marriage, and then...
End of Day 6 "It was very good."

It was a powerful message on the beauty of marriage. I noticed that the first negative thing said in the Bible was when God noticed that the man was alone. So He made woman for him. And I agree, it is very good.

Shiloh's first visit to the Dessert Oasis coffee shop.

At the library

We had a church camp-out in our back yard. It was great. I kept thinking how blessed I am to be surrounded by such Godly brothers and sisters in Christ, to have a lovely little family, to own this house and land that God gave us, and to be able to use it for Him.

"And I have given you a land for which ye did not labor, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and oliveyards which ye planted not do ye eat." Joshua 24:13

Backyard camping...

Setting up camp deep in the woods

Cooking in the great outdoors

Hiking all the way to the beach (or rather, the baseball field).

Enjoying nature at it's finest

Trudging up and down the great sand dunes

Victoria and Julianna

Ryan and Rachel

Something about a campfire just brings you all together.

Telling hair-raising tales

Jeriah and Aurora's tent.

The Carriger's tent.

Fresh, homemade donuts!

Can you find Lemuel?

And Lemuel found you!

And here's a meaningful closing remark!

   Want us to sing and speak
   at your Church or event?
   Please contact me.
Brother Bear
1312 New Life
Rochester, MI 48309
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