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We'll start with some pictures from the Fair...
Amanda and I helped at the Child Evangelism Fellowship tent at The Oakland County 4-H Fair 2013...

Amanda and Alex telling the Wordless Book Story

Deanna Miller telling the Wordless Book

This girl would help us a lot, and listen to the story about 5 times a day.

Pete and Jerrie Coleman

Mr. Porter (Jerri's father)helped one day.

Farmer John's Barnyard Express...

Corn box...

Walker kids


Figure 8 Race...

We camped out for the 10 days of the fair in the Heyworth's camping trailer...


This is Olivia with her brother. I believe she was saved this day according to Romans 10:13, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

I had the joy of talking with Olivia at the CEF tent a little earlier this day. As we went through the Wordless Book, she explained the Bible verses to me and applied them to herself. She saw that God is perfect, that she's a sinner and that her sin separates her from God. She saw that Jesus's blood can clean away sin. And she saw how to have Jesus's blood save her personally. I asked her if she had ever asked Jesus to save her from her sin. She said "no." I asked her if she would like to. She said "yes." Then she asked Jesus to save her!

The circumstances were divine. We were supposed to close the tent. The other workers had to leave at that time. But, Deanna said that Amanda and I could stay open later if we wanted to. (Later we found out that was against CEF rules, but we did it unknowingly.) After the others had left and Amanda and I were there, a family stopped by. Amanda talked with her parents while I talked with Olivia. Just after I finished with her and they walked off we heard thunder. We quickly closed up the tent and ran to our camper just as it started to downpour. The Lord allowed us to stay just long enough for Olivia to get saved!

Inside the Box Fair Ministry

Another amazing thing happened on the last day of the fair.

Just before we were going to leave and pull out the camper I stopped by the Inside The Box tent. I had stopped by earlier and talked to a man named Blue. He said I should come by sometime to see what they do. So when I got there I said that Blue said I should stop by to see what they do. The man said, "Oh, OK. You sit down at a table here and I'll go out and try to get someone. The next person I get, we'll send in to your table, and you can tell them the Gospel." A man got up and gave me his table, so I sat down. Thankfully I had my Bible. Sure enough, someone came along and looked into their box where it says, "If you where to die right now are you 100% sure you would go to heaven?" They asked her, "What's your answer?" She said "Can anyone sure?" He said "Sure! Everyone in this tent is sure. Would you like to find out how you can be sure?" And then he sent her in to me. Her name was Kaitlyn, and she looked to be about 16 years old. I thank the Lord for giving me the words to say. I showed her some of the same verses I had shown to Olivia a couple days earlier, along with a few more. She saw that she was a sinner and that God can't let sinners into His perfect heaven. She saw that Jesus died and rose again to save her from her sin, and that she needed to ask Jesus to save her. And she did! Long story short... Kaitlyn got saved!

I was only in the Inside the Box tent for about a half hour, but it was the best half hour of Fair Week.

Amanda and the kids were waiting for me to come around the corner of the van... with squirt guns!

A pink moth

The Ruwersma family, some missionary friends

Amity, Justus, and Asa

VBS at Loomis Park Baptist Church

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