Post 268

Fun at Jeepers!

The Henry Ford Museum...

Rachel Robinson!


Amity with her giggly friend Jana Rose

Amanda's brother Andrew moved out, so Amanda decided to have a little tea party in his room...

Vacationing in Detroit!

Old Testiment Challange
Amanda made a fun Bible study course that's gives you an overview of the entire Old Testiment. We went through it with our church folks for 10 weeks. Here we are Bible quizzing at the grand fanale...

Had a decorate-your-plate game.

This little guy was very interested in what I was doing. So his mother let him help me fix their furnace.

The closest I got to skiing this winter. I went by Pine Knob one evening and took a picture.

They sure love playing in the snow!

Got muddy.

Andrew Biddinger and Susanna Desota got married!...

Flower girls Cara and Amity

Rehearsal the night before

Grandpa Thompson and Andrew

Flower girl Amity

Ring bearer Shiloh

Baby boy Asa

Andrew and Susanna Biddinger!

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