Post 270

Out go-carting with my little sister-in-laws


Found this bunny in our breezeway.

Ann, a dear lady from Pine Ridge Villas

Out with Shiloh

We go to playgrounds a lot

El and Keturah have a baby girl! Here's El with Ivy Stella!

At Home Church

Fun in the rain

Playing at Deck Art in Rochester

Deck Art

Ken and Amy Willard!

Shiloh loves to sit with me every morning and have Bible Time. Here he is coming out to find me on my Birthday!
This is what Amanda wrote about what happened inside the house just before he came out:

Every morning, a sleepy-eyed Shiloh rubs his eyes and starts down the stairs, barely awake enough to descend them safely. And always, first thing he wants is: "Daddy?" And if Daddy has already left for work that day, he cries. It's as simple as that.
Today, same thing. I heard him marching through the house, calling, "Daddy? Daddy?" He checked the basement, the front porch, the sunroom... finally saw him through the window in the backyard. So, ON went the shoes! On went the jacket! No second thoughts. No hesitation. Daddy was outside, and that was all that mattered.
I reminded Shiloh that today is Daddy's Birthday, so be sure to wish him Happy Birthday. He instantly thought of the card that he had made for him yesterday at Nana's house. I handed it to him. Then I watched with quiet pleasure as three-year-old Shiloh trotted through the sunshine in the backyard to join Barak for Bible Time and give him his Birthday card!
I love how my kids LOVE their Daddy! And I love you too, Barak Bendixen! Happy Birthday!

Amanda made this obstacle course for the kids.

Heritage Days 2015...

We gave out about 450 gospel CDs and 800 animal balloons.

One of my Birthday celebrations

Another Birthday celebration!

I'm 35 now, half-way to 70. It's really got me thinking about if I'm on track. Am I spending this life in the way God has called me? In some ways, yes. In some ways, no. Lord, keep me focused!

Amity loves holding her little cousin, Ivy.

Asa loves Baby Ivy, too!

At my old pickin' grounds, the Rochester Park.

Playing with Tim Powell. He's getting amazing on that guitar.

Point of Hope in Pontiac.

The lovely Amanda Lee Bendixen!

Fishing at Shetlers

Amity and Shiloh discovered they could climb this tree. They've spent a lot of time in it this summer.

Levi and Charity had a baby boy. Aidric!

Good old-fashioned fun!

Took the kids to VBS at Rochester Hills Baptist Church.


“Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.” Jeremiah 17:7

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