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March - April 2016

On a date with my Baby Girl!

Roundup Sunday

Shiloh made a robot suit

We went to Oregon...

At the hotel in Oregon

All tuckered out after flying through the night

The kids enjoyed going to the lobby in their pajamas for breakfast!

Got to visit with Aunt Katie (Amanda's sister) for a week

Katie's Church bus

Katie's 1st grade class

From there, we went to California...

Had a wonderful week with my Grandpa Ben in California!

This was the greatest blessing of my year: hearing my Grandpa Ben's caretaker, Susanna, share how he had recently been born again!

I was able to spend some good time with him, listening to all of his stories once again. 

Mr. Toot's Coffe shop in Capitola

We enjoyed Uncle Mark and Aunt Laura's backyard.

Back home...

Here's Amanda working away at her Bible course.

Old-Fashoned Hymn Sing at Loomis Park Baptist Church

Mothers with their babies and children age three and under on Mother's Day at Church. You can't tell
from this picture, but Amanda was there with TWO children: little Asa, and one not yet born!


Jemima witnessing at a park

The reason we don't act like Jesus is we don't see Him as He is.
...We shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is. - 1 John 3:2b
Take a good look at Jesus today!

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