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May - July 2016

I love the bus ministry! 

Brother Darren on Goldfish Sunday!

Got Amanda's fish tank set up

Went kayaking with Randy and Rachel Goldsworthy

Leah's bridal shower

Grandpa Oakley Thompson

Had some great times at the Jail, seeing people get saved and start to follow Jesus

Went to hear Daniel Bryson at A Bean To Go

World's Largest Nachos

Washing the dishes

Andrew with his new baby, Oakley James!

We've enjoyed watching Justus and Ivy once a week.

At our first homeschooling conferance

Don and Jennifer Biddinger!

Photo bomb

Church Picnic

Two little "Miss Bendixens"

At 2016 Greater Rochester Heritage Days. Giving out gospel CDs and balloons.

Ministering at the Flint jail

Cody and Leah Bloink's Wedding!

This made for a wild day. HAHA!

Asa's first day out bus calling: 3 years old.

Watching fireworks

Good ol' Granny

Homeschool field trip to Indian Springs Metropark...

At the 2016 Oakland County 4-H Fair...

James and Suz got new hats when they announced they are expecting a baby

Slip and slide!

And Jesus, when He came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and He began to teach them many things. - Mark 6:34

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