Post 3

The Heyworth girls. Top of the line kids, top of the line. A little on the wild side. You'll see a few other shots of them on this page.

Leah Heyworth

Victoria Heyworth

Victoria with Joanna. She's pretending to be getting after Ele for something. And Joanna's all smiles. God is Good!

A few of the women. Looks like Mrs. Heyworth's waiting for the photo to finish... so she can swat the hand reaching into that bowl.

Roger and Tina with JOSIAH! They are very proud of him.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson with Patiance.

Temperance Johnson

Heyworths again, and Matthew.

Me and Cal, he likes to put his hands right over my mouth.

Temperance in a more natural setting.

Perfectly natural, perfectly.

Heyworths made me these BEAR slippers and gave them to me for my birthday. Aren't they great!

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