Post 4

Cal! And he pretty much always has on a grin just like that.

Susan, one of my biggest fans.

Seth! What a look.

These are the Tenczas some friends of ours. They live in Mexico working with the bible translators. We will be visiting them in March 2004. You've got to watch out for that Joe Cool on the end, he's a real trooper.

The following is our trip to Mackinac Island with the Robinsons May 2003...

Maggie going on a bike ride.

Mr. Robinson, a wonderfull man. Has given me lots of good advice. But I think this shot would better depict his humorous side.

God blessed us. We got a really cool corner hotel room with this glass sitting room all for a fraction of the price.

God blessed again! There was a black smith convention going on at the Island while we were there, and these two very excited blacksmiths were practicing making horse shoes in the blacksmith shop. We went in, and talked to them for quite a while. I started telling them about a way of making a cross that I had heard about. The cross is all one piece, made out of a square rod of steel. When they heard about it they wanted me to direct them in making me one. They worked long and hard at it, it took them 5 tries before they got a good one. They gave it to me. It was a real blessing because I like crosses, they are the symbol of Christ's victory over evil. What's neet is they made it all useing just hammers, chisels, tongs and heat.

This was actually taken on our last trip to Mackinac, last fall. But it's a good family shot.

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