Post 8

Levi was hit by a dumptruck while we were rollerblading. We thank and praise the Lord that he was not hurt. The dumptruck was going about 40mph when the driver saw levi. He jerked on his brakes (you could see skid marks for about 25ft), and stopped 5ft after he hit Levi. So levi was bumped and pushed by the truck 5 feet. Shew, it was close. They took him to the hospital for a check up, all he had was a bruise on the side where the truck hit him. Thank the Lord!

He was making faces...

Ruthie! She has a nice smile, don't you think?

That Clay, always up to something.

Wild Ricky!!!!
Naw, he was just getting into position for the picture, and it turned out funny.

There we are praisin' the Lord!

The fallowing are a few shots of the county fair...

The figure eight race. It's basically a bunch of old jalopies that race around a track and the first one to make it through all the laps wins. That is, if any of them can run that long.

My dad with the queen, Catherine McGee!

Christian, with his cousin.

Great kids. Fun, fun fun!

He was pulling her hair.

He won the Twinkie eating contest!

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