Post 9

These are some shots of our trip with the Fenton group to the Upper Peninsula...
Hey Levi!

Sara, and Ashley.

Don't fall in Jeriah. It's very very wet.

Us at Laughing Whitefish Falls.

There we are.

Up on a lighthouse.

It's a dangerous place, that U.P. Especially for my type.

A family picnic.

These believers had just been baptised. The father of each child baptised them. It was wonderfull how each case was different. One father prayed a heartfelt prayer of blessing on his children before baptising them. One went over a confession of belief with his children. One had his children testify of their salvation experience. Some told of their childrens salvations, and some read various scripture passages. It was great because each father asked God how they should do it, and responded.

More of the baptismal...

As you can see in the background. A few of us had an impromptu swim after the meeting, it was mostly cold and wet.

These are my wonderfull parents, Gary Bendixen, and Nyla Bendixen. They are standing with the owner of the place where the baptismal was held.

Had a little marshmellow roast after Thursday night Home Fellowship...

Sometimes you're just having too much fun to take a break.

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