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Friends from Jackson. Olivia, and her cousin.

This was a joke they played on me. See, the day before we were driving by the Goodreaus house, and we gave them a call on their cell to see if we could stop in for a visit. They weren't home at the time so I asked if they had anything good to eat at their house. Maybee some cookies, or ice cream. Evedently they did, but they didn't tell us about it. Anyhow, we had church at their house the next day, and after church I noticed them fixing this humongous boul of ice cream. Then a wile later Mr. Goodreau made this big announcement about how I wanted ice cream and presented me with the ice cream. It was great!

Riding the tricycle.

Following: A few shots from Christian Johnson's birthday party. Top of the line guy.

Lookin'good, lookin'good. Oh! Not you Ele, the ductwork. Good lookin' ductwork.

Dad, in his comfy cozy, tropical paradise.

I don't know how I get so many pictures of this guy. Maybe it's because it's his camera.

A few shots of Thursday night Home Fellowship:

Mrs. Smith, my Sunday School teacher from when I was 4, and 5. She's a blessing.

This is a "b" sign. They tore down the mall across the street from us, and I was able to salvage this "b" from the old Jacobson's sign. It is now hooked up as a desk lamp with a pull chain switch. I thank the Lord for it, it's so neet.

Mr. Thomas, a man of God. We went to visit him and his family, it was such an encouragement. Many of our friends (the Fenton group) were saved in his house. I wish you all could meet him.

This is Mr. Thomas' mother. The one who taught him to hear from God. She was blessing impersonated. She would always be praying, asking Jesus for help. This photo was taken of her quoting Psalms 23. I have never seen someone quote the Bible with such heartfelt passion. She was in tears. She has since met Jesus in person.

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