Post 14

I was reading to them cowboy style. I thought it was very well done... oh well.

At the local cider mill.

We get those ducts good, and clean. Who cares about the rest of the house.

Don Whitings 40th birthday, we gave him a seat belt extender.

The men posing with their wives, at their 40th birthday party.

This is my only claim to fame. Disney has come out with a new movie staring myself, Brother Bear. It's all about my life story, the story of my rise to popularity. Of course, they got a few details off here and there; But that's Hollywood, you've got to expect a few differences.

Ele chiminey sweeping.

This brother and sister were really interested in a chimney sweep Ele and I were doing. They were sitting on my cloth right under my elbow while I was cleaning the fireplace. The boy Brendon even drew a picture of us working (below).

The one on the left is Eleazar. He is holding our furnace tuning bucket, with the brush we use for tuning furnaces. The one on the right is me. I am cleaning out the smoke chamber with our 8x12 brush on a pole, you can see the soot falling down. I am simultaneously cleaning the firebox with a smaller brush. Smart kid huh?

Victoria cought a chicken. Hold on tight!

AIR Heating & Refrigeration service crew.

Whew-Whee!! I like those hot pants Ele!

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