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Our Christmas sign, HOPE. I wish it was a better photo, because I really like it. It shows that there is always hope. Even when it looks like nothing will work, there is always hope. And big hope, there's not just a little hope, there is BIG HOPE. God turns things right around for the good. Sometimes we are least expecting it, and God surprises us and fixes everything. My hope is in the LORD!

Here's a group of us gathered around, enjoying life. See the guy in the back with the blue shirt..... I told you I was the human jungle gym.

A jolly pic of Gretta Hitt.

A bunch of us went Christmas carroling at the Erickson's. It was really great, went to about 10 or 15 neighbors. There were about 40 in our group. The neighbors were a bit surprised, but very blessed.

Rosey and Ele


A couple dip heads.

A few more.

This is Greg Thompson after the carroling. He was playing piano and we were playing guitar and singing. He also played guitar and sang an origional from John 12. His sister Mrs. Cenzer sang a song that the Lord had recently given her on Jesus coming to earth. I sang Jesus, Oh Don't You Know? and also testified along with others. The Lord gave me a testimony to bring, it was that Jesus always has open arms. Open to you, open to me. Always calling "Come to me". Like Mt 11:28 "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." It was actually more of a picture than words that the Lord was showing me. The picture of Christ with welcoming, outstreached, open arms. The Spirit of the Lord was there, blessing us with peace and comfort. May His peace ever reign.

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