Post 29

Levi's lemonade stand. $$Rollin' in the big bucks$$

Hid a nice little visit with the Rothenhausers

Here's a shot of Karl Kubler, with his son Karl Jr., and Eleazar. We had a excellent time installing heaters in a MACO auto paint shop. It really was a fun job, seeing we had such great company. Especially Mr. Kubler, he is a loving man, and always tells me the he loves me.

Here's Wane who also worked with us, and unfortinately I didn't get a shot of Henry.

Ele was showing them all his computer. Must have been his photos.

This is Otto Koning, with his wife and I. The Konings came and spoke on trusting God. Not trying to work out our own difficulties, but to believe in God and rely on Him to overcome. Also, there was a wonderfull bond of frinedship with all the people who we have grown to love that came to hear Otto, it was close. Praise the Lord! The King is Good!

More marvelous little friends. Jesus has really grown this family of mine. Look what He said about me: "...he shall receive an hundredfold... brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children..." Matt 10:30

Here's Levi out in the woods. Doing one of His favorite things. Taking a log and chopping on it, turning it into some loathsome weapon.

Here I am with the King and Princess. We went to Medieval Times in Toronto.

The show

Patiance and I.

Mr. Johnson in a pretty much natural setting.

Levi on the Moped. It's his first drive, and he's really enjoying it.

Here's some silly boys,

and 2 fine girls (and half a silly boy)

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