Post 33 A

We had church at our house this particular day, and had a big bike ride afterwards. There was some great worshipful singing, and very encouraging edification of each other. I wish I could get some good photos of us singing, praying, and talking about Jesus together, because these are some of my largest blessings. But it's usually not appropriate taking pictures during these times. I will have to make an effort to try though.

But here are some photos of just as big blessings. Just a little more photographer friendly.

Ricky lying in the hammock. Just praising the Lord in a rather laid back fashion.

Mr. Goodreau fireing up the burglers.

The Heyworth girls wrecking havoc on the idle.

Elijah, and Zachariah Dushaj. Charming young men aye?

Mr. and Mrs. Szymanski, and son Seth.

Rachel Boyd with Hannah. As you can see, that hammock is a popular place...

The Kola Dushaj family. Wonderfull people. I have really enjoyed them in the short time I have been able to know them. Looking forward to learning much more love of the Lord, as lived out through the Dushajs.

Now we start the Great Bike Ride...

The Heyworths

Mr. Carriger, or was that CLOWNiger

A few boys

Hi Mrs. Boyd!

Zachery Carriger

The crew!...

The second half of this post is on Post 33 B. Please continue this wonderfull adventure on Post 33 B

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