Post 33 B

This is a continuation of Post 33 A. It would be a nice place to start.

Had a little fun at the playground on the way.

And these are my favorite trails, right on the side of a steep hill. Great fun!

Mr. Thompson, and Jamie... the worn out and the energetic.

Mr. Alessio. Nice hat huh?

Look out, there's a herd of bikers crossing.

The remarkable Mrs. Alessio!(and Mrs. Heyworth)

Back home

The never ending volley ball game still continues.

The reknown "Big Zak"

Faithy, (with someone being a little pest)

Mrs. Nanney with the birthday girl, Rebecca.


This one is a very nice picture of Michelle Nanney. However, in it's original form the beauty in it was thrown off by a very distracting HOOLIGAN IN THE BACKGROUND!!!! So, I had to painstakingly cut out the background. But thanks to myself, and my ever meticulous hand, I think we have ended up with a very nice piece here. If you would like to see the original, check it out on Eleazar's site here. (I wouldn't want to post such a thing myself)


Sarah, and Andrew

Mr. Nanney

Playing Taboo

Lucy had a real blast on my trumpet.

Little friends

Michael's new violin

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