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!SHHH! Don't tell anyone! It's a surprise!

This was a surprise 50th birthday for Rick Alessio. And fortunately we have lots of pictures of it.

What better place to start than with the surprised birthday boy himself (smiling), along with Mr. Goodreau (laughing).

Sammy Goodreau! The bringer of cheer to all! (Notice a resemblance between Sammy and his dad above.)

The Carrigers, wonderful people indeed.

The rest of the Alessio family sang their dad's favorite - Be Thou My Vision. It was beeeauuuutiful.

Everyone brought scriptures, prayers, and blessings for Mr. Alessio. Here's my dad reading a blessing.

God gave many blessings for Mr. Alessio. There were many heartfelt prayers...

The Thompsons praying.

Mr. Heyworth reads encouraging scripture.

Mr. Carriger prays a blessing for him to bring many to heavenly joy.

Tim Thomas speaks blessings.

Mrs. Alessio praying

Mr. Alessio sitting

Mrs. Alessio laughing

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