Post 39

My thoughts for today center around one thing... Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! IICor 3:17b in the Bible.

See, Jesus sent the Spirit to us. He gives us freedom. And what a full, all encompassing freedom that is. The Spirit has given me so much freedom over things I was once enslaved to. I tell you what, there is so much freedom when you are freed from anger in your heart. And there is so much more, from all kinds of sin (anything one says, thinks, or does that is against God)(Ps 103:3a), freedom from all kinds of sickness (Ps 103:3b), freedom from all kinds of worry (IPe 5:7), freedom from all kinds of pain (Mt 11:28)! THANK YOU JESUS, MY ONLY HOPE!

Ah, what a great morning. There is still hope my friends, and lots of it. Because, Jesus came and is alive! There is no hope, absolutely none, in anything but Jesus. So praise king Jesus, He is FULL of eternal, limitless, life giving HOPE!

We had a great snow ball fight today. We had such fun. The joy of the Lord is my strength! (Neh 8:10)

The boys collect their forces.

Eleazar receives a walloping blow by Hannah.

The girls advance steadily.

The fight is on!

A fully armed snow warrior.

!Unsuspecting victims beware!

The carnage is not over yet.

What's this pretty little girl doing out in such a savage place. Quick remove her to safety!

Like sitting duck.

Sittings ducks don't last long around here.

Another savage warrior of the snow.

Poor Ricky :(

Look out now, Levi's got a bomb!

Yet another fiercely savage warrior, fiercely savage as you can plainly see.

He quickly ducks a snow ball hurled towards his head.

Some do not fare so well.

Girls in the heat of battle. Scurrying about for anything usable as ammo.

Ooooh! Look into those eyes of steel. Such a fierce warrior indeed.

In conclusion, the battle was long and hard. The survivors still couldn't figure out quite who won. In fact they couldn't quite figure out who the enemy was. But the victory was won, and overall it was a great triumph!

Now on to something else... We went to see our lovely friends who've come to been labeled "the Fenton group".

They sang a few songs.

And we got a few shots with some of my favorite little friends, the Ericksons.

How ya' like that bright orange hat! It really is a good one. It's got Jesus plastered all over it, front, back, and a side! You know why I wear it? Because the good news of Christ is something I never have to be ashamed of! His salvation is abundantly full!

Ro 1:16b For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth;
So wear it loud, wear it proud. The name of JESUS!!

A couple more charmers...

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