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This is me and my guitar. Isn't it great?! Johanna Graham(9) made me this. I really like the jumbo sized guitar.

Then a couple weeks later she gave me this. It's a poem she made. That was very special.

Here's one more. In this one Juliet(6) said I'm holding my guitar with two hands. I also like this big guitar, but what I like even more is how she said I'm playing how we love Jesus. Praise the Lord, He's living in these girls.

This is my brothers, and I. There's Levi (playing the accordion), Eleazar (the one with the banjo), Jeriah (on the harmonica), along with the 2 of me on my SUPER GUITAR! Yes, we make quite a crew.

I found these 3 older pictures, of good times with God's people. I was looking through pictures and found these nice ones. This is Jesus with His friends. Sure you may say that you can't see Jesus there, by He's there, He really is.

Now here's some good old friends. Davey and Alicia Mead. Just happened to stop by and see them the other day.

Their 2 oldest kids. Don't you just love them?

Aaron Mead. Yep, just the same as ever.

Davey in the wood shop.

My bro's and I.

Isaac, and Jez, Campfield. These are some brothers that really love the Lord, and Abe the oldest...

Me and Abe

We went to a great symphony. Then afterwards a crew went over to this coffee shop where these men played some very fun music on accordion, and clarinet. Click picture to hear them playing, (and us singing) Joshua in the Battle of Jericho. (202KB WAV)

Mr. DeLauterantey

Micah Kissling, at the concert.

A few other fine folks...

Now I don't know who this good lookin' guy is, and I don't know why he is wearing my hat. But I do know that I am very glad to see him wearing it. Because it says JESUS, and Jesus has made my life a living blessing!!! And He does the same for everyone who knows Him!

(My camera is currently broke, so I am having to get pictures from others. That's why I don't know anything about it.)

Now we are getting to some good stuff. This is a Bible class that Jeriah, and I have been helping at lately. It has been great. Jeriah, and I each got to talk to a little girl, and tell them about Jesus, and how He took their sins away, and how they need to repent and believe it. And they both believed! It was sooo good! That was a couple weeks ago, and I can see that they have grown since then. I can see Jesus working through them.

This is some in the class, with me and Jeriah. The little black girl is Kyra, who Jeriah got to bring to Jesus. The little white girl is Alyssa who I got to bring to Jesus. Praise Him for bringing the children.

It was Kyra's birthday.

Now here's some more older pictures. Just a few I was able to scrounge up from the computer. Since my camera's broke I found a few pics that sparked my interest from the past...

More good times with God's family.

Lucy, I just love her. Every time I see her she tells me something God has been teaching her, or asks for prayer.

My brother Levi caught an opossum.

Just some stuff...

Now here's a good one, as you can plainly see in the bottom left corner... Jesus makes Katie happy! I'll have to record her laughing some time, it is remarkable. Hehehehehe!!!

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