Post 49

God's always suprising me with new blessings. This week we were all enjoying the summer day.

Johnathan and Andrew, always up to something.

Elisabeth, and I. She sure likes those sholder rides. (I do too)

It was Emily's birthday today (center).

Looking a little strained


Sammy waves hello while driving by.

Laura carriger and I. She's been a good little friend of mine for quite a while now, although she does seem to be getting much bigger than she should be.

We're pushing each other toward Jesus.

Accedently zoomed too close.

Mr. Carriger playing volleyball

That Sammey's reather photogenic

Here's Mr. Roselli blessing Emily for her birthday. It was very nice. Lots of heavenly blessing poured out.


This is the card we gave her. My brother Eleazar made our family into a funny picture.

Poor little Lizy, not big enough yet, has to make her own huddle. Not really she was acctually trying to keep any intruders from hearing the girls volleyball stratagy. Namely me.


Smile God loves you :-)

God is good, isn't He!

My brother Jeriah

This is us the next Sunday. A suprising change in weather. I say it was great though, so beautifull. Reminds me of God dumping blessings on me.

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