Post 52

This post is of a trip my brother and I took to Traverse City MI area. We got to visit some fine believers up there. Mainly a couple brothers, Isaac, and Abraham Canfield. Here they are playing some music...

Here's how we found Abraham. I just thought it looked classic. A man his truck, and his dog. But he doesn't usually drive that old truck, he's got a new one too.

He showed us around His fathers farm. Abraham lives in that house across the street behind the trees.

Uuuuh, coolness :-)

We went to a home job site with Abraham. He does heating and cooling just like us. I was wearing a hat that says "Jesus" on it. When we walked into the house this boy Jeremiah slapped me in the belly and said "keep it up with that hat". Then a while later when we were working in the basement he said "so do you spread the gospel while you work?", I said "yeah I do". It was encouraging, his boldness about Jesus. I gave him a card and told him to order a free CD. (click top right corner) A while later he said that he wants to be a police man because he thinks that would be a good job to spread the gospel in. I called him Prophet Jeremiah because he was so bold and encouraging to me that day.

Here's his brother.

Here's Abraham again with his dog.

And Isaac... We had many good times of edification with these brothers, teaching each other of the kingdom of God. God bless you guys, love ya'.

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