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Had a great church meeting today. We met right here in the Carriager's lovely backyard. It was very encouraging. I see the major thrust for the day as GOD IS GOOD! Here's a little clip from Heb. 11:6 that shows how good He is...

"he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."
Another good one is...
Jas 1:17 "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
And there's an excellent lyric from Amazing Grace that stuck out to me today "The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures; He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures." I saw this morning on the drive this license plate...

I think it is very important that we realize how good God is. He just gets better and better all the time. I don't think we will ever stop finding new ways in which He is SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

There were many good testimonies today, it was so encouraging for me. Life couldn't be better!...

Mr. Heyworth told of how he had really been suffering under some debt that he had presumptuously gotten himself into. He got most of it paid off back in December, but $5000 of the debt just wouldn't go away. He had been putting in lots of hours at work, but it was like every bit of money he made, had to go somewhere, taxes, payroll, insurance, parts, etc, and could never pay it off. But one day this week he told the Lord... "It sure would be nice if there was a check in the mail", then a little while later... "sure would be nice if it was over two thousand". Then he looked in the mailbox, and there it was on top! Whew! he really praised the Lord after that. Then the next day when he went out to get the mail, he was remembering, and thanking the Lord for what had happened the day before. And he found another check for over a thousand. He is self employed and these checks were for work he had done. So at the end of it he was able to fully pay off the debt while making the payroll, and all his other expenses!

Joe Alessio testified of how God healed his nearsightedness this past week!

Charity Heyworth was witnessing of Jesus' salvation this past week to a neighbor girl named Leah. Charity really felt that she was just about to get saved, when it started raining. Charity was not supposed to bring the girl into their house as her parents were gone. (It's just like Satan to try and destroy the work of God, isn't it?) So instead of sending her home, she rebuked the rain. When the rain stopped. The neighbor said "how did you do that?". Charity explained that it was the power of God. Leah then accepted Jesus as her savior. Now Leah is voluntarily sharing of how Jesus is now "in her heart"(I heard her tell me yesterday), and has seen Jesus' healing in her body. Praise the Lord!

Rick Rosilli, and Jake Rosilli told of how Jake was able to lead a class mate to Christ this past week. Jake had attempted to share Christ with this young man at School a few weeks back, but was constantly interrupted (that's Satan again), so Jake was discouraged that he had missed him because now he is graduated, and Jake didn't know if he would ever see him again. But then Jake found that his class mate had signed his AOL Instant Massager screen name in his year book. So Jake rang him up on the instant massager and was able to lead him to Christ! The boy said it out loud, he was really excited, saying "hooray"! Imagine that, born again over the Internet!

Mrs. Johnson shared about how she was able to go back to J.C. Penney where she had unknowing bought some clothes which showed wicked pictures when they got wet. She had told us of this a couple weeks ago, and of her plans to go back to the store and object to the manager. We had prayed this situation then. When she told the manager, the manager was very defensive at first(Satan's work), but then she went back into her office for quite a while and when she came back out she was much more accepting of the complaint(God's work), and gave Mrs. Johnson addresses of higher up's who she could write to and object.

A couple weeks ago we had prayed for this customer of James Johnson's who's daughter had turned against her, and was suing her. We had prayed for their reconciliation. James told us today that the mother said her daughter told her that all she wants now... is to get her mother back (as in, the relationship back to being good as it was before). So praise the Lord for this amazing turn around!

We talked about our responces to everyday greetings that would draw people to Christ, and also told of our recent experiences of doing such. When someone says "How are you?" don't just say the normal "good/fine/alright/teriffic" or whatever. Say "Blessed", or "Blessed in the Lord!", or "Blessed and highly favored of God!". When someone says "Have a nice day", say "Thank you very much, God bless your day also!", or if you beat them to it and and say "God bless you", and they say "You too"(not really thinking about what they're saying "you too" to) you can say "Oh He does, God blesses me all the time enormously, God has made my life a living bliss!".

Here's yet another couple things that happened to me today. A dove flew over me while I was sitting with the saints. It reminded me of the Holy Spirit. Also I received this little scratch below my ring with the cross on it. It reminded me of Jesus' shed blood to cure the world of Satan's curse. And especially of how that blood is on me! (click picture to hear a great song from a friend of mine).

Just a couple pics from the last couple days...

Nice little cross I took a picture of on the back of a work truck a couple days ago. Saw it again today.

Poor girl, she's obviously tired.

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