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Things are happening so fast I don't have time properly edit as I usually would. So just enjoy these scraps and shreds of the Glory of God, as thrown together here. And just realise that God is working bigger and better than ever in his big happy family, and more are being added daily. Enjoy Jesus!!! (Also see the last Photo Journal Post, Post 56 if you want to see what I am so excited about)

We didn't get there untill later, but the Heyworths and Thompsons, and Rossellis passed out loads and loads of tracks at this fireworks display in Davidson. There were lots of people there. I got to talk to one man about christ for a while, He already professed belief in Jesus. But it was fun just to talk to him and speak to word to him. Leah was all excited about talking to lady who asked her lots of questions, like "what church do you go too" Leah said "Jesus's chuch". Leah was excited that God gave her the answers to all her questions. One 13 yr. old boy got born again. I brought my guitar and right after the fireworks we started singing Choruses about Jesus. It was a great joyous singing time. The Lords light went forth. We prayed some very good prayers for all the souls who recieved the word of God, for them to see that there is no freedom but Jesus's freedom, and for them to come to Jesus, and build his kingdom. Nanney's came late like us too. It was such a fun encouraging time. Sooo fun, and sooo encouraging. Just to see the joy of Jesus in the people. Especially the children like Sarah, Victoria, and Ruthie. Mr. Heyworth said those three passed out the most tracks, and told people they were about Jesus. I am happy in the service of the king, I am happy, oh so happy!

I went with my mom to one of her friends house today, they have a pool and mom wanted to swim in it. well one of the older girls of that family had her boyfriend over... he seemed like a very polite person to begin with. he was about 22 yrs old. he invited me to play a basketball game of PIG outside. i agreed. as we were playing he started to complain about his back hurting, i asked him what was wrong and he said he has 3 messed up discs in his spine, two overgrown vetabrates, and one baddly degenerating disc. (the Holy spirit was putting thoughts in my mind:D) he then said that there is no one who can stop the pain. i couldnt resist.. i siad "i know someone who can." he then had a suspicious look and asked who. i said Jesus can! he then began to talk to me about this Jesus. it turned out that he had gotten all "messed up" and had asked God to send him somone to help two or three days ago. I told him all about Jesus and he accepted Jesus as his Lord!!! i then prayed for his back and told him to never give up on it. we talked alot about Jesus and i told nearly all i knew. he said when he first saw me he saw i was different and wanted to talk to me. when we started to play basketball he said he was baffled that i wasnt like "other kids". He said that he felt great after he accepted Christ and he was wondering if i was just going to disapear. he kept saying he thought i was an angel!!! It amazed him that God sent me to him, we have alot in common and i told him that God had been just waiting and he sent somone who was aot like u to help u. he was all excited and i had to pace i was so happy! he said that when he asked God for help he just opened his heart and then God sent me. We both kept talking about Jesus and great joy came over both of us!!! It was wonderful to be used so strongly by Jesus!!! I want to do this all my life!!! He said that i have to start a ministry and that my words were powerful!!! GIVE GOD THE PRAISE! HALELLUJAH! we exchanged #s and he said later he wants me to talk to his girlfriend about Jesus!! GLORY TO GOD I AM BEING USED!!!! PRASIE THE KING!! -Jake

This little one Jenny followed me around all day

Grandpa Johnson told me of a poem he likes. It goes something like ... may the love of Jesus shine in my eyes. And it's true, may it shine in us all.

Whitneys (Canadians)

And one for the Canadians...

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