Post 58

Here's a few pictures I snapped while around and about...

It's a cross, as you can see. It caught my eye. Just another little picture of God being everywhere, you just need to recognize Him.

Eleazar and I were driving all around fixing people's air conditioners, saving them from the plague of heat, when I cought him like this! HAHA! It should say Big E

A fat toad we found hopping around our tools.

You can't miss it going through Jackson MI. Sure Lowes got some nice expressway frontage, but I think Home Depot one upped them.

Went to the Sermon on the Mount by Lew Sterrett...

He taught many lessons on life while training this horse.

Had the Paul Family over, played a little music...

and Jake

Here we are all gatered around talking of the Lord. It was great to have Ashley come over. Jake led her to Jesus and she got saved a couple months back. Glory to God!!! He's the Rescuer! We all love you Ashley.

A fat toad we found hopping around our tools.

Here I am with the Heyworths new baby boy! Just 4 hours after birth. His name is Lemuel

My was Mr. Hayworth tickled pink, he looked just like the baby. He announced the birth by saying it's now 7 to 1. There were 7 girls in their family, now 7 girls and 1 boy. It's very exciting for everyone!

I only wish I had gotten a picture of Mrs. Heyworth and the baby. I don't know if she wanted her picture taken though.

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