Post 60
Baptismal Day

Mr. Alessio brought some great thoughts on Baptism. He told about how it is identifying with Christ. Our old sinful life being put to death, then arising with a brand new Godly life!

Audrey just after being baptized. She was so excited.

Here's Victoria's Grandpa, Grandma (with the new baby brother), and Mother watching her baptism

Victoria, just baptized.

Joe Graham baptized is Jacob and Johanna

The girls sang a beautiful song, and played my beautiful guitar

Here's Katie

This is Katie again. With shots of all these ruffians I figured I better have 2 of Katie.

Peaceful toes

This is the Heyworth's latest model, Lemuel. Top of the line, brand spankin' new, and to top it off...a BOY!

See, he's smiling at me!

A long fun day deserves a knap.

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