Post 66

This is a camp meeting we stayed at for a couple days with all these friends in Grand Rapids...

We were sitting out here by this lake noticing how beautiful it was, and listening to the sound of clapping leaves. They were all telling us of God. (Ps 19:4a "Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world."), and we were listening.

Here's Jason with his sleeping baby.

Jason called this my Bear cave. He thought it would be reeeal cute if he got a picture of me in it. Haha.

Levi with the Neil girls. They really get a bang out of him.

Here's the whole Neil family

A meeting

Bob Ryan family singing

Had some great times encouraging each other to love, and singing here.

My brother had some great times ramming canoes here. (I shouldn't say which brother, just know it's the largest person in the picture.)

I took Patience Johnson out for a row boat ride. It was great.

Met up with Jeremiah out here.

There's Bobbie with Patience.

Cooper boy

Cooper kids hamin' it up.

My parents out to sea.

Daniel and Christina. They're visiting from Romania for a while, wonderful people. We've spent a lot of time with them.

Found this boy dragging his brother across the parking lot. They both thought it was great, so I didn't bother them.

Joshua and Holly

Papa and the boys... Scott, Ele, and Joe rather

Peter (check out his stuff here )

Scott Myers family

We got to go up later in the week and spend the night at Chris and Tasha Craighead's. Here's Chris with his son Phinehas. They sure are kind people.

And finally... A good shot of Josh and Holly, with one of their 3 charming boys.

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