Post 68

The Paul family cam over for a couple days, the following is an acount of a few of our doings...

Here's me and my bros. up in a tree with Daniel.

We had a glorious time praising the Lord in song one night at the Nanney's house...

Pay no heed to that guy with the cheezy grin in the front.

Jesse (with Guitar)

Here's Abigail. The following 2 pictures were pirated off her site.

Now here's some shots from church on Sunday. I think the biggest blessing was what John Heyworth had to say about his time with his extended family a couple days before. I was so happy to see that my brother Jeriah had recorded it. Glory to GOD! It gives such testimony to how good God is and what He likes to do for people. Here it is! (carefull it's a 9.39MB MP3, at least that's better than the 103MB WAV file it came from)

My church family

We were at the Johnson's place. They had kittens, so all of the kids got to play with them. Isn't God great?!!

Abraham, a man of stature

Such nice horses, even with all those children around.

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