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My Dad was praying about what we should do this Sunday. As he often does. And he felt as though God wanted us to go to the Johnson's house this morning. Sure it was slightly different than what we're used to, but that's alright. Following the Lord is never boring. We didn't call them, we just showed up. And what did we find??? The Johnson's, tada!! But an unexpected surprise too, the Dushaj family. And it truly was a delightful surprise. I haven't seen them in a while, and quite enjoy them. I wholeheartedly believe it was of the Lord's direction that we were there. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

A few of us shared the stories of how we came to Jesus, our personal testimony. Kola, and Tracy Dushaj, my Dad (Gary Bendixen), and Mr. Bob Johnson did. Those testimonies were invigorating to hear. It's just amazing to hear how people, from all tracks of life, were going along, not knowing where they were going... And then Jesus comes! They see "oh, I need to go THAT way", and then start going with Jesus. It's just amazing, so many peoples lives brought to Jesus' freedom. I heard something very true the other day "your either running from God, or you're walking with Him." (If you need to come to Jesus, contact me at the bottom of this page right this minute)

I was mostly glad to hear Mr. Johnson's personal account of his walk with Jesus. I've known him for what, 20 years, and I think this is the first time I've heard it.

Click here to hear Bob Johnson say it(4MB MP3)
I wrote it out too, as it's a rather poor, on-the-spot recording...

I got saved when I was about, probably 12 years old, at First Baptist of Pontiac... and we'd go there, we'd be the first ones there, so we'd go in the back of the church y'know. Carnal Christians, right. So I went there, all my life, grew up there. And then I got drafted, went in the Service, and...(with tears) it's hard to say this, because...anyway...I got in the Service, and left the Lord...and... that was 7 years, then I met Sue. Never talked with her about... the Lord. Then we had our first born, Maricy. She was in a play at church (because she got saved by a friend of my brother-in-laws). And she said "why don't you come and see Maricy in the play." And we were in the, about the eighth row to the front. And I knew better but, I just wasn't living for the Lord. And the old Devil said "You need to get out the back door." And I said "You know I can't get out the back door." So I went forward, rededicated my life. And all my old friends started dropin' off. But I knew better. When I got in the Service, I just wanted to see what the world was. And it ain't that good!... Cause I could've been dead, could've died in Vietnam. So the Lord kept me and, I came back. When I rededicated my life, I started going to that church, Sunneyvale. In about a couple months the pastor says "Do you want to drive a bus?"... "Sure I'll try it." We had a license. We drove that for 5 years, and then. Alanna was born. That was when we met Jim Lane. After that, we went to Rochester. On the first day I went there, they had like, nine busses. And I told the bus driver " Well I've got a CDL license if you ever need a driver." So the next week "Hey we need a sub, can you drive?"... "Sure!" So I'm driving, a month went by, I'm still driving. Two months go by, I'm still driving. I said "Now wait a minute, this was supposed to be part time." Then I told Sue "We may as well join Rochester Hills, I've been driving for two months, on the bus." I went forward, told Pastor Traxler "I decided we'd join the church.", and he said "well I figured you would, you've been driving for two months." You know, on the bus route. That's my testimony.
A little video of the gathering (gathering to the honour of GOD!!!)(1MB MOV)

Now I present you with a few fine photographs of recent events...



Joy ride

Scary dog

Lemuel and his ladies. They sure like him (I sure do too).

Here's some of my brother's fine work...

It has to be as high as possible, can't hit the wires on the left, can't be behind the pipe on the right, and has to be drilled from outside... What do you do? Call on Jeriah. And what do you get? Another perfect job!

Not so, for this guy... Here's Eleazar's vent pipe, sure it's would be out of the way if it was cut back, but Ele's an "it'll do" type of guy. It'll do.

Really Ele just put those together for a joke.

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