Post 81

Me and my brothers went downtown and guess who we bumped into... Dan and Sarah Haines. We've known Dan from way back. They were just married and we coulden't make it to their wedding although I really wanted to. So it was extra special to see them. We talked quite a while.

Jeriah, myself, Dan, Eleazar

I've been engaged in some serious conversations recently. But I think their all taken care of. So now, on to some funnies. I was looking though my older pictues, and picked out a few.

Let the good times roll! Get it on postcard at Carabou Coffee.


Sarah, and her faces

His eyebrows were just starting to grow back, after an unfortunate mishap.

Safty 1st!

Timmy, bustin' at the seams. (I was doing this when I saw the video of me in the glasses below)

Set your head on edge and enjoy a fine piece of video footage put together by my brother Eleazar and I. (click picture and wait, 3.70 MB)

Jeriah picked this one out himself!

Completely ignore this shot, it too undignified to be placed on this site.

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