Post 82

My good friend Ricky Alessio's Believe Clothing Company has officially launched! I've made this special little video to celebrate this monumental achievement. (click below, and wait 5 MB)

Get all these great shirts to spread the good news of JESUS! Here we are wearing a few of them.

Note the big, bold, Free Prayer shirt (it's my favorite) Who could resist? I've been wearing it for quite a while now, and have found it a great blessing to pray with whoever notices it. First, you've got to make a mental note to pray with whoever notices it on the spot, even if it's a quick "God bless this person". Then, get the shirt and watch it take action!

And just so you'll know... Everything at makes great gifts! (hint, hint)

Here's Ricky, top Designer, and all around Big Cheese

His sister Faith, chief stitching agent.

Went to a wedding in Traverse City. Lot's of snow, about 16 inches, and it all came last night. Made for a very beautiful wedding, especially as the chapel was walled in glass, and surrounded by trees and a lake.

The happy bride and groom, Isaac and Mary Canfield

Jeriah, and I

Old friend, Rose Ann with her husband and 2 kids.

A "wall flower" guest

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