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I was blessed by having church at our house. It was a glorious day. We sang songs, then we talked about promises from God. We all listed them off one after another. All so many! They just kept coming, from parents, from kids, everyone. All theses wonderful promises found in God's word.

God's been talking. I tell you friends, it's true, and we've been hearing! There were several testimonies of it this week. My favorite was of baby Lemuel. This past week he was lethargic and couldn't be kept awake. His father started crying out for him, and he called the church family, and we all powerfully prayed for him. God helped. He gave direction on what he needed through several people. It was amazing how they meshed, even though they were independently arrived at. It's wonderful to see that boy just as lively as ever.

Also, some folks from Ohio who happened across this site came to see us, and had some very nice fellowship in the good ways of Jesus. The Mark and Debbie Peters family.

1John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
It was so great to see all God's people together enjoying Him. And enjoying others. I was walking around the house later in the day, and was just thanking God for how good it was. There were bunches of people all over... in the kitchen, living room, basement, my brother's room, my parent's room, the back yard, kids all over the woods. It was just beautiful, so many people joining in the joy of the Lord at our house. That's what this place is meant to be, a refuge for the redeemed, and a delivery room from the oppressions of Satan. (my dad told me that some of this went on for sure) People stayed late talking, eating, praying, singing, sleeping, playing... till about 9:30pm. All day! I told my dad it was truly a monumental day. I am so blessed by so many kind people. Thank you Lord!

Sorry ladies and gents, not much in the way of pictures this time. I was just having too much fun, didn't have time to be a shutter bug. Eleazar has a few more here. Be sure to check out Faith's new do, isn't it nice.

Leah, and baby Lemual, more spunky than ever! Just like a Heyworth ought to be.

Freddy Colegio

Brother Levi more spiffy all the time. Ethan too

Laura Carriger

Jesus loves you sooooo much

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