Post 99

Summer day with the Carrigers. Went to the park...

Isn't that nice, running to see me.

High flyin' Willy

We got out the moped and rode it around.

Dancing for Jesus! Praise Him! The kids were playing songs on the piano, while I danced. Then they snatched the camera:)

Our first air conditioning jobs of the season.

Me and my brothers, just delightfull working with them...

El and I got to take a little bike and moped ride into downtown Rochester and do a little evangelism. Just passed out some salvation CDs with some music to people, 3 people. I have this shirt that says "HE IS" on the front and 2 people read it and then read the back where it says this...

Don't laugh it was hard to get that picture. One who read my shirt, was a clerk at the art store. She had read the front "HE IS" when she was helping me I guess. Then later she said "I thought that was what that was about. Very nice." I realized she had been standing behind me reading the message. We got to give her coworker a couple CDs. Then the girl who makes subs at Subway read "HE IS" and asked "What's the joke, is there a hidden meaning to that?" I exclaimed "That's about Jesus Christ! You have to read the back." Then she read it out loud. That was really neat for her to do there. We got to give her a CD.

We went out to this bench, and someone called to us from behind. I said "hey!" back and saw it was a little boy teasing us who was in a truck with his mother and sister. I said "I've got something for you", and told his mother it's a CD, and gave him one. His mother started reading the message enclosed and said she really liked it alot. I think she read the whole thing. which is great because it says some of really good stuff in there. Then we talked more about the music and what the CD is about to here and her husband. "Mostly about things God has taught me. Like about hope and freedom and deliverance, and stuff like that."

I'm very excited that I got to spread the good news more than usual. So if any of you guys who we met happen across here, know that you were a real encouragement to me that day. My you know God's hope and freedom.

I'm glad that we can just go for a little ride and be right where open people are, who we can spread Jesus with.

Levi made this castle

Michael the bunny. I cut and outlined it, he colored it.

Praise the Lord! He got me back my skis after being lost 2 months at the ski resort.

Blow your trumpet! Jesus is alive!

Enjoy it folks. This is a rare occasion. I don't get many shots of adults, they get uncomfortable. This is Jason and Andrea Neil from Grand Rapids. We stayed the weekend with them and got to visit our friends out there. Eleazar's got a few more pictures of them here.

We got home and there were a whole bunch of people here to welcome us. A wonderful thing indeed.

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