Break My Heart Lord - Song Insight

written 2004 MP3 RA WMP

This is a song of repentance, a prayer. It's a cry for a soft heart. A heart that's open to God.

The Lord gave me this thought, "Break my heart Lord". What He was meaning is. God is the only one that can properly break my heart. My heart must not get hard, but needs to be one that easily weeps in thankfulness to God for his full salvation. A heart that easily weeps over my sin. That easily weeps for others to come to God. One that easily weeps over their sin, and the pain it has brought them. I need to have a soft heart of repentance. I need to be open to the subtle promptings of God, and soft enough to quickly repent. Not so heard that I don't even hear His soft voice. When I see people, I need to have a heart that weeps for them to see the light of Christ. A heart yearning for them to see the unsurpassable JOY, and freedom of a victorious Christ like life, as I have. I don't want to be so hard that I don't even notice their pain. Yes, that is a lot of stuff to pack in to the small phrase "Break my heart", but that's how God is. He can cram a lot into just one little phrase.

Part of the song is remembering particular instances in my life when I had a strong desire for people to know God, and wanting to keep that strong desire. In particular, I remember part of the inspiration for the America song, which was when I was in a crowded airport. I remember looking at all the people and feeling sorry for them. There were so many people, hustling around to get to their planes. I knew that there was so much joy and peace in Christ, and it looked like they were all missing it. They were living with pain in their hearts, and they thought that was the only way. I really had a burden for them to know God. I prayed for them, and. wrote a song for them. I want to keep that burdened heart for people. "God, let's change the world. Keep me broken. My only qualification for ministry is my incompetence."

II Corinthians 12:10b for when I am weak, then am I strong.
Another phrase that I believe the Lord gave me is "We need to be constantly crying ' Lord hold me up lest I fall. My legs are so shaky.'" It has the idea of climbing up a mountain. We are all worn out, can hardly take another step. Our legs, arms, everything are so totally worn out that we can hardly stand, much less climb the mountain. We need Christ to lift us up. It's like He takes us by the back of the shirt and pulls us right up. We can fall so easily in the flesh. Our only hope is Jesus. But He is a BIG HOPE, we never have to fall with Jesus. He pulls us right up. He said in IICor 12:9 "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. We can live a personal life above sin, it is possible. It is practical, and real life. But it is not possible in ourself, only in Jesus' power, His grace. We must see our own insufficiency, and His total victory over the Devil. There is hope in brokenness.

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