The Darkness is Done
 Copyright 2007 by Brother Bear

       Am                      Em
1. The darkness is done, and a new day is come
     G         D        Am
Unto us in the heavenly kingdom.
    Am                         Em
The voice of our song, it will ever go on,
       G            D               Am
To our King who has brought all men freedom.

2. There's far more to living than I've ever known,
And there's far more to freedom than I've ever been shown.
The fields are much whiter than they've ever grown,
And the reapers are reaping like they've never known.

3. The day now approaches, it comes soon enough:
When the dungeons will open, the unjust be just.

The dim eyes of seers new visions are shown;
And the dry pens of writers now flourish in poem!
The stale-minded dreamer now dreams like before;
And the dumb tongues of prophets have spoken once more!

4. The wind passes by as the Holy Ghost flies:
So are all who are born of the Spirit.
He brings us new light, and we all take to flight.
Hush and listen. His voice: you will hear it.


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