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I ask that you purpose to prayerfully hear the Lord through this CD, and with a repentant heart be drawn to Him. Enjoy Jesus!

In order to keep up with new songs Jesus gives me, I use CDRs on orders filled through
Below is a current track listing:
1. A Certain Man Had Two Sons
2. Clean My Heart
3. Holy Father
4. I Am a Dreamer
5. I'm a Livin' My Life for Jesus Christ
6. I Want to be like Jesus
7. Love of My Life
8. O Come (Ps. 95:1-3)
9. The Wordless Book (Spoken Word)
10. The Lamb Song
11. Jesus You're the Sweetest Thing I Know
12. Break My Heart Lord
13. Jesus, Oh Don't You Know
14. I Want to See How Much I've Been Forgiven
15. America
16. God is So Good to Me
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