Lord, That's Who You Are
 Copyright 8/2000 by Brother Bear

Tune and insignificant words to be adhered to loosely on verses.


Verse 1
          C              G           F           C
You're my Comfort, my Redeemer, my Deliver, my Friend.
          C               G            F              C
You're my Master, and my Father, my Sustainer to the end.
      C                G              F               C
My Supplier, You're my Sustenance, my Hope, my Everything,
          C                G         F                G
You're my Brother, and my Healer, my Joy, my Setter free!

          C                 G             F             C
You're my Refuge, You're my Victory, my Exalter and my Peace.
          C                   G             F                         C
You're my Fearless Leader, my Conqueror, my Strength, and my Strong Shield.
          C            G        F             C
You're my Light, my Refiner, my King, my only Holy Life.
          C              G             F                           C
You're my Love, my only Answer, my Overcomer, and Lord you're my Delight.

      C               G                Am  F
For I know I'm gonna live through the ages.
     G C               G          F          G
Yes, I know I'm gonna live for my Jesus up above!
      C               G      F            G
Oh, I know I'm gonna live an everlasting life, 
        F               G                  C
and I'm livin' that everlasting life right now!

Verse 2
          C                 G           F                C
You're my Wonder, You're my Destiny, my Rock,  my One Desire,
     C                 G           F              C
my Encouragement, my Shelter, my Deliverance, my Fire.
        C                       G          F                    C
I could list Your attributes forever, Lord, but I'll stick with these for now:
      C             G                    F             G
my Propitiation, my Faith, my Song, my Belief my Confidence.

          C                  G                F                 C
You're my Keeper, You're the Grin I wear, the Feet I dance, the Flag I fly,
          C                  G                 F              C
You're my Righteousness, my Savior, You're the Twinkle in my eye.
          C               G                F          C
You're my Boldness, my Direction, my Guide, my Counselor.
           C                G         F               C
You're the Lifter up of my Head, Lord, that's Who You are.

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