Copyright 1999 by Brother Bear

Capo on 2nd fret.


Verse 1
    A                E
The grace of God, so rich and free,
D                         A
that's what the good Lord gives to me.
   A                  E
He makes me laugh. He makes me sing.
D                    A
I can't think of any happier thing.

      A A2 D              A  E A E
And a grin spreads across my face
     A A2     D             Esus E
as I think on God's amazing grace.
       A A2   D    A  E A E
for He set me free-ee-ee;
        D         E       D2 Dsus D A
when He gave true life to me.

Verse 2
  A                E
I stand amazed. He shines all around.
D                  A
He lifts me up whenever I'm down.
   A                     E
So faithful and true. So good and kind.
D               A
Oh, my, my, my, how sublime.

Verse 3
     A              E
He's given me the desire and power
   D                     A
to do the things that'll set me free.
    A                  E
The grace of God; yes, that's what it means.
D                            A
Knew it for a long time, but now I've seen.

Verse 4
A            E
Holy Father, up above,
D                  A
thank You for Your gift of Love,
    A                     E
for Who You are, for your majesty.
D                        A
You're everything that a soul could need.

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