Insight in a Guitar Strap

The print on this guitar strap reminds me of the Christian life. The wonderful Christian life.

1. It is full of color. God likes color, His creation is full of color and was even more colorful before the fall. We know from the Lord's prayer that earth should be like heaven, and heaven is full of color(Rev. 21:18-22). So this strap reminds me to be colorful.

2. Notice the triangle shape, that reminds me of God with His three entities, the Father, His son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. This is the most colorful part of the whole print, thus representing God's amazing glory.

3. Notice the two ladders with rungs going up the sides of the triangle? The ladders represent our lifetime. As we Christians go up the latter of life we find a few things: We get closer to God (the triangle above the one being climbed) in love. Not only do we get closer to God the further we go, but we also get closer to each other in love (the ladders get closer together the further you go). It keeps going up, keeps getting better. It is a very colorful journey, full of new exciting things.

4. When we reach rung 7 (the number of completion) our lifetime on this world is complete and we are with God (represented by the next triangle up). Notice the 8 colorful flowers at the top of the ladders? Eight is the number of new beginning or new life, and we get to start a new glorious life with God.

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