Jesus, Oh Don't You Know? - Song Insight

written 2003 MP3 RA WMP

You know what? God has totally turned my life around. God first told me the things in this song in the summer of 2003. I was at a Christian conference in a big stadium. I can't remember much about what was going on up front at the time, but I do remember it was pretty dark, perhaps they were showing a video. I was sitting with some long time friends of the family, and right next to me was their little girl. She's probably around 7. She had had a long day and was tired, so she was leaning over on my lap sleeping. While I was sitting there like this, God started showing me ways that He has totally changed me. He showed me these 3 wonderful ways:

1. Smiling
I used to try my hardest not to smile. I thought it was wimpy to smile. I thought I had to be tough. You know, 'Mr. Joe Cool'. But God has totally changed me, I love to smile now. I smile a lot. I am terribly bad at the stare down game. JESUS has transformed me! Laugh for joy in the Lord!

2. Touching
I remember when I was afraid to hug. Whenever my Dad, or Mom, or somebody else would give me a hug I would feel uncomfortable. I thought I was too cool for that. It was that 'Mr. Tough Guy' problem again. But, Jesus has changed me. I touch people all the time now. Especially children. I wish you could see me with the children at church, and our Thursday night Bible study. Shoulder rides, back rides, jumping rides, reading stories, hugs, I am the human jungle gym.

Mark 10:13 And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them:
Praise the Lord!

3. Cutting Jokes
When God showed me this one, I knew what He was meaning, and I knew how He had changed me, but it took about a month before I could put it into words. I think I've got it figured out now though. It used to be that the only jokes I could make, were cutting jokes. But now I see the pain of cutting jokes, and it really hurts me when I hear one. A cutting joke is one that draws attention to something that is shameful in another. A good joke does not. For example: If you were going through a food line with someone that is known to be messy with food, and you say "Couldn't you stand somewhere else, I don't want you to get me messy.(and then laugh)" That would be a cutting joke. However, this would be a good joke: Say you are going through a food line with someone that is known to be very neat with food, and you say "Oh, you better get a few extra napkins, I know how messy you are with food." That would be a joke that draws people together in love, joy, and unity.

IJohn 4:7a Beloved, let us love one another:

As is was sitting there while God showed me these things, I was so humbled, and thankful to God for changing me. Tears of thankfulness, and love for Jesus came. Imagine that, I was so hard, but now it is perfectly normal for me to sit holding a sleeping child. Praise the Lord! My old tough, hard heart has been made gentle. He can melt the heart of stone! I had not thought of these things before. At least if I had, it was so long ago I couldn't remember it. Praise the Lord for his transforming power.

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