Come and Live This Life with Me - Song Insight

written 2000 MP3 RA WMP

All the things listed in this song are ways of praising. All these ways of praising can be done to praise God (good), or they can be done to praise something else (bad). They are ways of showing what you love, what you like, and what you live for. They tell what your god is.

I will expound on one way of praising, and that is dancing. You can dance for the Devil, or for the Lord. As you know there are many bad ways of dancing, violent dancing, sensuous(sexy) dancing. The world and church are full of these. However, Jesus is in the reformation business. We should wholesomely dance for the Lord. So to put it in plain English, the song is saying: I don't care what you've been dancing for, but put that behind you, dance for joy in the Lord. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. I want every part of my body, from the top of my head, to the bottom of my feet to praise the Lord. Live with the clear air between you and the Lord. You will be lighter and dance just naturally. When all that heavy air(guilt) is between you and God, it pushes you down and you can hardly lift a foot. Be free to have some light feet, jump up and do a spin.

The chorus says it all: Come and live this life with me, live for the Lord and He'll set you free(Amen)! For whom the Son shall set free, he shall be free indeed(Glory, Glory)! So, praise, praise, praise the Lord!

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