The Lamb Song - Song Insight

written 2002 MP3 RA WMP

This is a song for all ages that is made in the style of a children's song. Jesus said:

Matthew 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

When God looks at us He sees His children. He looks on us with love, and knows we are not perfect yet. He knows that we get distracted. From His perspective we are not trying to sin, it's just that we get distracted.

There was a child that I saw close to the time when I was writing this song. He was a young, probably around 2, and he was walking around in a big room. But then He saw a door that was open, so curious as he was he went toddling over to the door and started to go through. But then his mom came over and snatched him up before he could get very far, and she told him that he wasn't supposed to go in there. Now he probably knew way down deep in his little mind that his mom would not like him to go in there, but that was not on his mind at the moment. He didn't think that deep. Did his mom get all mad at him, give him a hard spanking, yell at him, and send him to bed without any dinner? No, she simply redirected him, and told him to not go in there. And being the obedient boy that he was, he went and did something else.

That is how God thinks about us. He knows that we don't think as deep as He does. We are simple. We forget. We get distracted. So, he helps us along. He simply goes over picks us up, and puts us back where were supposed to be.

God is love.

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