Lord, That's Who You Are - Song Insight

written 2000 MP3 RA WMP

I got the original desire for a song like this a long time before I actually wrote it. I wanted to make a song that would go on, and on about all the different glories of God.

It is just amazing how good God is. There are so many words and terms used to describe God's goodness, I don't think there is anything else that has so many different ways used to describe it. And yet, all the words people use still don't describe how good God is. The words have not been invented yet to describe all of what He is. That's because He is part of a different dimension, He is outside of our science. He is in a spiritual dimension. You can say, "He is everything," but the one who knows God knows how lacking that is. Listen to, or read the song and think about all the different aspects; Each one is deep. Meditate on God yourself. Then contact me and tell me what you find, if you like.

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