Post 28 A

We had a wonderfull camping and canoe trip. We all wish that all of you who couldn't make it were there. It was so nice. At first I was pretty sad because some of our best friends weren't there. But while I was there hope was built. God is still alive and more full of blessings than ever. It was largely a time of examening our selves, seeing our own faults and opening up to the Lord, letting Him fix them. We all had a wonderfull talk on Friday night. Lots of confessing. It started out about the arcticle on brewing mentioned in Post 27 and we ended up spending a long time talking about loving people, and seeing things form other people's perspective. Trying to put our selves in others situations and see things from their point of view. Not be so hard up on our own view.

This is a shot of us after the good talk on Friday night. You can't see everyone, but the Alessios, the Thompsons, the Carriagers, the Heyworths, and of course we Bendixens were there. (And wishing there were more.)

Katie Thompson such a joy

Lot's a' grubby little kids

Yep, you can tell it's camping time. They had a blast, Ha!

Love y'all

Victoria and Ruthie

Good ole' Jeriah Bendixen my much acclaimed eldest brother.


Me with some genuine unenhanced motion blur

Charity Heyworth, with father John Heyworth

I see you Sarah!

My one clean shot. Can you guess why Sarah's clean?

Rachael with some more of that genuine unmanufactured motion blur! (Good shot huh?)
And more to go... Jamie Thampson...

The little Alessio girls. (This is when they first got there, they weren't experienced campers yet.)

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To see a complete photo gallery of photo's of this camping/canoe trip go to my brother Eleazar's Photo page here. Go towards the bottem of the page.

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