Post 28 B

Continued from previous post. Please start with Post 28 A paying special attention to the top paragraph, as it was my main focus on this camping trip.

The boys, setting up a tent.

Emma Carriager, just learning to walk. Also a little view of the site.

Mr. Carriager had to kids bury him to symbolise being "dead" to our selfish nature...

Then when he was totally covered he suprised everyone and jumped up out of the sand symbolizing being "alive" to Christ's new life! (See top paragraph of Post 28 A) I wasn't quite quick enough with the trigger finger to get a shot of him springing up. But it was a great suprise!

William Carriager enjoys life to the fullest!

This one is more for the message behind it than for the picture. Lucy(pink) was telling them of a girl that she got to talk about Jesus with.

The happy crew on the buss. And just think, they all love me!

Hayworth girls canoe

My Dad and Mom.

The Mr. and Mrs. with more Heyworth girls

My special friends and I

I love you Laura

Ruthie and cat. It has some long fancy name... can't remember it.

This Post continued on Post 28 C.

To see a complete photo gallery of photo's of this camping/canoe trip go to my brother Eleazar's Photo page here. Go towards the bottem of the page.

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