Post 28 C

This is a continuation of previous posts. Please start with Post 28 A paying special attention to the top paragraph, as it was my main focus on this camping trip.

Due to high demand, here we have a snap of my ever popular "Monkey Face".

Three kooks in a tent.

The girls decided they would have a little fun and take out our tent poles in the morning. It was great. Not only that but they hid all our sleeping bags and pillows the night before. Always up to something.

Victoria first thing in the morning.

There was a nice little Sunday morning church service. This man and his wife did some object lessons, played music on instraments, preached, did a chalk drawing. We also sang, and I played/sang Grace...

Lovely Alessios

Sarah and William with Genai

Chipper Ricker

Pretty feet

Just look beyond the pixels and see the heart...Sweet freedom!

Isaac and Lizy Goodreau

To see a complete photo gallery of photo's of this camping/canoe trip go to my brother Eleazar's Photo page here. Go towards the bottem of the page.

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